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  •  Naaz hair-up Oil is a proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine which is meant for external use only. Full of natural goodness. Naaz hair-up Oil is a blend of or rare and essential Ayurvedic herbs. In a mustard oil base, Naaz hair-up contains selected herbs which are a boon for hair and have been highly recommended in ayurvedic scriptures for the treatment of baldness and regrowth of hair. Easy to use, it arrests hair fall and regenerates hair and rest ores the natural beauty of your hair. It also improves the quality of your existing hair and adds lusture, sheen, body and volume to your hair and gives it a new life.
    Though there are hundreds of hair-care products available in the market but most of those are only meant for the treatment of falling hair, dandruff etc. none of the products has claimed any level of success in regrowth of hair. Naaz hair-up Oil is unique Ayurvedic formulation prepared after many years of research and hard work. Naaz hair-up Oil is manufactured by Naaz India, which is G.M.P. certified company. Naaz hair-up Oil has achieved appreciable success in the regrowth of hair in bald people. In addition to the other benefits. Naaz hair-up Oil has been successfully tested and tried in the market by thousands of people in India & Abroad. It has given optimistic results to hundreds of people by regenerating hair on bald heads. Its main uses are as follows:
    It stops falling of hair.
    It treats dandruff.

  • It is a treatment of Alopecia (a disease in which hair are lost in round patches.).

  • Promotes growth of dense hair in people with scanty hair.

  • Short hair grow longer at a rapid pace with its use.

  • Prevents bacterial & fungal infections.

  • Prevents premature graying of hair (but doesn't reverse the process).

  • Helps in regeneration of lost hair.
    Naaz hair-up Oil can be used as a Curative as well as Preventive remedy. As a preventive remedy, it keeps the hair healthy, long beautiful and provides freedom from the falling of the hair, premature graying of the hair ; and prevention of dandruff, bacterial and fungal infections. People with family history of baldness will get better results if they start using Naaz hair-up Oil in routine before the age at which their other family members began losing hair.